4:1 IPR

Order code: IPR-02C

Name: Riprocating interproximal stripping 4:1 contra angle  


fits E type handpieces
1.4mm stroke

Optimal torque

4:1 gear ratio


90μm-use as a saw for opening contacts

60μm-for reduction

40μm-for contouring

25μm-for finishing

15μm-for per polishing


1.Please notice that check product appearance if it is obviously deformative or attached foreign matters.
2.It must be kept in high temperature autoclavable sterilizer with 15 mins , and then dried for 30 mins.
3.put the stripper in coreect way with contra angle /manual grip .
4.the stripper will be placed on the interproximal teeth lightly stroke to cut and grind
5. in operation , if the stripper was broken or droped at ground, should replace a new one  in time .
6.After operation , the stripper should be cleaned up completely and put in dry conditions.

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