LED 45 degree surgical high speed handpiece

Order code 45SPL-M4/B2

Name :LED 45 Degree surgical  high speed handpiece


Pure Water Jet, Not A Mist, Is Directed Into Cutting Area

No Air Jet Into Surgical Field - Exhaust Air Exits At Back Of Handpiece

LED light, more bright

Push Button Bur Release Uses Standard Friction Grip Burs

Fully Autoclavable

Office Replaceable Ceramic Bearing Turbine


After each treatment,Sterilizing handpiece in autoclave according to the following steps:

1.Remove the bur and brush clean handpiece, clean outside of handpiece with an alcohol solution.

2.Lubricate handpiece, each times drop two drops inside of air inlet pipe.

3.Place into autoclaving pouch and mark.

4.Autoclave the handpiece for 12 min. at 135℃.


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